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Kerr YMCA Outreach

June 2nd, 2018

We have another great opportunity to serve the YMCA staff and their members! This opportunity includes staining wood, applying waterseal and serving YMCA members with snacks and water. Everything worked on will be used for the YMCA's summer camp area on the Kerr YMCA property. These opportunities give our church the chance to love on people and share how Jesus has served us! Take a moment to check out the specific details below:

This will take approximately 4 hours to complete the task of applying Thompsons Waterseal (which we will supply) to the archery deck and seating area, the gaga pit and surrounding deck, the tree strapped cooler stands and a number of picnic tables due for a fresh coat sealer.

Preparations and safety tips for the staining session:

  1. We need to make sure that your volunteers show up in clothes and shoes that they don’t care about because they will get stain on them and it won’t come out.
  2. It’s imperative that your team wear gloves and eye protection at all time during this work session. Stain can easily slosh and hit you in the face and eyes.
  3. Long sleeves are really useful to avoid getting stain on arms. A tip would be to tuck your sleeve ends into your rubber gloves. (we will provide gloves and eye protection.)
  4. Where possible start on the underside first, this will help avoid being underneath a freshly stained area and have drips and drops of excess stain fall down on you.

We may also have a couple of people tighten down screws in front of those staining to insure that none are raised up or sticking out.

*Due to staining, we are asking that no kids attend this event.

*Address: 2500 Wakefield Pines Dr, Raleigh, NC 27614 (Kerr YMCA)


June Starting Point

June 10th, 2018

The purpose of Starting Point (SP) is to help connect you to the life of Restoration Church. SP typically happens once a month. SP is designed to give you the opportunity to learn more about the church, to meet the pastors, to ask questions, and to discover ways to connect to the body of Restoration Church. At SP you will be able to ask any individual questions you might have (what does it mean to be a follower of Christ?, how can I be baptized?, how can I serve at the church?, how do I connect to a small group?). Unless otherwise noted, SP will happen on the following days, times and locations. Please note that ending times will vary based on the duration of the Question and Answer session. Dinner and childcare will be provided at this event.

Student life

2018 StudentLife Retreat

July 23rd - July 27th, 2018


Get ready, we're going to the Smokies! This year we are extremely excited to have you joining us for Student Life Camp in SEVIERVILLE, TN this summer! Not only will we have a blast in the mountains, but we will also join together with hundreds of other students from around the country for worship and teaching from amazing speakers and artists. Our hope is that you come into this week ready for God to move, and that you leave in a deeper relationship with Him and the other students; one that continues to grow for the rest of your life. Please know that our leaders are already praying for you specifically and for God to work in all of our lives on this trip.

For more information please visit https://www.studentlife.com/smokies/overview

For questions, please contact Trevor Forbis at tforbis@restorationrdu.com